Air bloxx 1394

The aircraft involved in the accident, shown here taxiing to the runway at Key Virgin Airport(1995)

This accident took the lives of 30 people on the Boeing 737-500, the student pilot of the Dornier 328, and the student's instructor.

This was the student's first time piloting a plane, and it also was the only time he ever did.


FLIGHT Air Bloxx flight 1394 Dornier 328
Passengers 26 0
Crew 4 2
Injuries 0 0
Fatalities 30 2
Survivors 0 0

Nobody was killed on the ground, but 7 people were severely injured, and 5 of them entered a coma.

The accident was caused because the student was in the way of the 737-500 on final approach, and that was caused by poor directions of the ATC.

Flight HistoryEdit

FLIGHT Air Bloxx flight 1394 Dornier 328
Origin Myeega Int'l Airport Nick Brick Int'l Airport
Destination Drayton Int'l Airport Drayton Int'l Airport
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