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N012JN, the 747-400 involved in the incident after taking off at Northridge Int'l Airport(2000)

This is about how flights 346 and 643 collided in the Atlantic.

What happened was that Jolteon Airlines flight 643 and Jolteon Airlines flight 346 were on a colission course and the ATC at Keflavik International Airport told the pilots of 346 to climb 1000 feet to 37000 feet but it was too late and Jolteon Airlines 643 collided with Jolteon Airlines flight 346, taking out most of the wing and spoilers of 643. 346 blew apart right after the collision happened and then oblierated in the Atlantic, killing all 298 people on board. The crew of 643 tried to ditch their plane but they were in a deep hurry and the plane 

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A Boeing 777-200ER similar to the one involved.

split into 3 pieces, killing 43 on their flight.

The original death toll of the flight was 598 because the Jolteon Airlines headquarters thought that 253 checked in for Jolteon 643 and that 345 checked in for Jolteon 346.

However, 100 of those passengers (53 from 643 and 47 from 346) ended up either on earlier flights 348 and 933.

If the death toll was 598, this accident would be the deadliest in aviation history.


FLIGHT Passengers Crew Injuries Fatalities Survivors
Jolteon Airlines flight 346 288 10 none 298(all) 0
Jolteon Airlines flight 643 192 8 155 43


Notable Passengers on 643 were Engine69 and Chris27965, who both went into the cockpit of 643 and helped the pilots ditch the plane and they told the pilots about the problem their flight was having.

Notable Passengers on 346 were 5UP3R3P1CF4C3, B345TF4C3, and Jebooya.

The crash ended up killing 341 people making this crash the second to worst mid-air collision ever. This is also the worst accident in the history of Jolteon Airlines.

Flight PlanEdit

FLIGHT Jolteon Airlines flight 346 Jolteon Airlines flight 643
Origin Los Angeles Int'l Airport Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Int'l Airport
Stopover Chicago-O'Hare Int'l Airport Boston-Logan Int'l Airport
Destination Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Int'l Airport Los Angeles Int'l Airport
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