Jeteire 191

A JetEire 747-400 similar to the one involved, shown here leaving LAS in 2011.

The Downtown Robloxia Mid-Air Collision was a collision between a Boeing 747-400 and a Boeing 757-200. In 2001, when the accident happened, this incident overtook the 1996 Charki Dadri Mid-Air Collision. This collision happened on November 11, 2001, and it took the lives of 393 people. The aircraft it collided was Delta Air Lines flight 482, a Boeing 757-200.

Delta 757 similar to the one involved

A Delta Air Lines 757 similar to the one involved, landing at Northridge Int'l Airport in 2012.

Flight PlanEdit

FLIGHT JetEire flight 191 Delta Air Lines flight 482
Flight Origin Galway Int'l Airport Los Angeles Int'l Airport
Stopover Robloxia Int'l Airport Atlanta-Hartsfield/Jackson Int'l Airport
Destination Las Vegas-McCarran Int'l Airport Robloxia Int'l Airport

Both planes took off early in the morning. At 7:23 AM EST, Delta 482 landed at Atlanta. At 8:31 AM EST, JetEire 191 landed at Robloxia. The last known time that any of the aircraft responded was at 9:59 AM EST, The collision occured when the JetEire flight experienced a wind gust and it rolled to the left a lot. The Delta pilot ran out of fuel right when they responded at 9:59 AM EST. They continued to Robloxia, and at 10:37 AM EST, the JetEire flight rammed the Delta flight. The JetEire flight flew straight down and killed all 353 people on board, but the Delta flight stayed airborne for a while and landed short near the airport at 10:57 AM EST. The momentum was so intense that 28 of the 180 people on board were killed. It also killed 12 people on the ground.

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