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the new mini air livery wich was suposed to be the new start of mini air but it never contiuned this plane got brought back by flash air wich painted it in their livery agian

Mini air cargo dc-10

a dc-10f from mini air cargo about to depart from drayton intl

RobloxScreenShot07032013 205045425

a 737-100 from mini air in the realy realy old livery

Mini air airbus a318 lockendale regional

an airbus a318 from mini air in the old livery

Mini air 737-100 drayton

an 737-100 from mini air this 737-100 flys now for robloxjet

Mini air airbus a320 drayton

an airbus a320 from mini air this plane is also now owned by robloxjet

miniair was a controversial airline that was founded in May of 2013. It was mainly a charter company like many other airlines (OOH)it quited passenger operations in october 2013 it was named after the roblox user miniganni (now named monarchfan21) since 2014 the airline was suposed to start again as Holland International Airlines however the planned idea never contiuned and the airline completly disapeared around mid 2014

In 2015-2016 Suominico is planning to get Mini Air back named as Mini Link Airlines Incorporated but suominico is still thinking about it; their (Mini


When the airline was founded, they operated boeing 737-800 (yrrebs outdated one).

 It operated from lecton international airport(the free model, not the 'real' one)

later theyy got more planes such as boeing 737-100. As soon as Mini Air got their first 737-100, they decided to retire all their 737-800 s. The last 

737-800 was retired in june . Then, Mini Air got new a320s and a319. 

more planesEdit

in jne (what?), Mini Air decided to expand into the UK. Mini Air opened hubs at Mayford Airport and Drayton Int'l Airport.

Overtime, Mini Air decided to take airbus a310 and airbus a318 and 787.

they are still shite, though! They don't even serve

food! Unlike Jolteon who do (serve food)! Miniganni,

you are an idiot

Mini Air expanded fast in this era. Flights to Los Angeles were like clockwork. a a318 or 737-100 would depart and head to robloville and drayton


the end of commercial flightsEdit

Mini Air was falling behind in this era. Less passengers were checking intoflights at airports like  drayton and robloville after this the ceos new airline flash airlines  was founded.  when Mini Air officially filed bankruptcy and collapsed. By october, all of Mini Air's routes were bought by flash air However, Mini air kept doing cargo flights from drayton to robloville leston. unthil 2014 unthil mini air changed its name to holland international airlines

Name ChangeEdit

in february 2014 mini air changed its name to holland international airlines and would contiune at that  way however it never contiuned and the airline completly disapeared

In December 1st 2015 Suominico was planning to get the group back as Party invites to get invited you must go to upcoming website www.MiniLink but the website isnt established yet.

Accidents and IncidentsEdit

On june 2013, Mini Air flight 45, an boeing 737-800, has part of its fuselage blown up, killing 1 passenger and injuring 7 others the plane landed safety. 

on october 2013 Mini Air flight 1749 an airbus a310 got expoided and fell apart some seconds after takeoff everyone of the 146 onboard was killed

on october Mini Air flight 2209 another airbus a310 faced the same thing but all people got off in time 

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