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OneFly Alliance, stylized as oneFly, is an airline association created by Pokemonfan1997, fredd1234, and sesu13 in January 2011. The first members of this alliance were Skyline Airways, Inter-Robloxian Airways, and Aero Blox. The alliance was originally owned by Pokemonfan1997, and had several more owners afterward. As of August 23, 2015, Pokemonfan1997 is the current owner of the group.

History Edit

This group was first created as a rebellious response to the decision making regarding the fate of Inter-Robloxian Airways' membership with SOAR Alliance and its joint ownership with animalAir, following under its development name "unoVolar." It would be several weeks before the alliance was launched, and both Skyline Airways and Inter-Robloxian Airways departed from SOAR Alliance during this grace period.

Several events arose prior to the creation of oneFly. One of the more notable events that occurred involved possible spying from SOAR Alliance. It was originally believed that applesmockmagicain was the spy from SOAR, but it is still unknown as to whether or not this claim was true.

Upon Pokemonfan1997's resignation in March 2012, the group's ownership was passed over to car. Bee331 was appointed as the owner of the group by car on January 27, 2013. Bee331 appointed elitehaloman as the new owner on June 13, 2013 and abandoned the group on February 2, 2015. The group was later reclaimed by its original owner in August 2015.

Airlines Edit

These are the airlines that were a part of oneFly Alliance under the ownership of car (beyond March 2012).

Airline Notes
Skytran Airlines (including subsidiaries) Head Airline
Skyline Airways (including subsidiaries) First Member
JetÉire Originally Aer Lingus
Bloxxer Airlines
Jonway Airlines
Sunset Airways
Inter-Robloxian Airways First Member
Russian Robloxian Airlines
RB Airways
Royal Blox Airlines
Master Airlines
Link Airlines
Skylite Airlines
jetBlue Airlines
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