Sufflok porsmouth intl airport

the front of the airport

suffolk pourshmouth international airport is a abandoned airport located in america the airport was closed in 2013 dude to new airports 

Hub for: Robloxian Airlines

Details Edit

The airport has a main terminal with 2 concourses. It contains runway 28 and 6 gates per concourse.


Suffolk has a main terminal with  1 concourse and robloxian airlines is the only airline operating in the airport 
Robloxian airlines 767 in hanger

a robloxian airlines 767 getting renovated in a hanger in sufflok


the terminal

Check in desks

the abandoned check in desks in the terminal

todays useEdit

this airport is now a abandoned aircraft graveyard however 1 hanger is stil in use for the repair of airliners the terminal is totaly abandoned however
Sky photo

a photo taken from a fighter jet from the airport


the abandoned robloxian airlines lounge

 the elevator in the terminal stil works the airport itszelf is owned by the us air force and sometimes fighter jets stil land in the airport 


 Manchester, Dublin, London Heathrow, Berlin-Tegel, Athens, Paris-Orly 

the abandoned tarmac of the airport

Robloxian airlines airliners

one of the many robloxian airlines planes on the tarmac waiting to be scrapped

F-35 tarmac

a us air force f-35 fighter jet at the airport after a training

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