World Travel Airlines flight 1190 (WTA1190/WT1190) was a 747-400 flight from Hong Kong to Beijing. On December 11, 2015, the plane crashed into mountains 10 minutes after takeoff due to low visibility. The crash killed all 254 on board.

Flight Edit

The plane took off from Hong Kong Int'l at 10:47pm Local Time. The plane had a few rumbling, but the plane flew fine. However, the plane then went down at 10:57pm and lost signals from the ATC at 10:58pm. The plane crashed at 11:00pm local time. The crash wasn't discovered until 6am, when a driver saw flames.

Stats Edit

Stat Number
Passengers 240
Crew 14
Injuries 0
Fatalities 204
Survivors 0

Investigation Edit

Investigation following the crash revealed that the pilots were disoriented due to the heavy rainfall that was over the crash site. The ATC at Hong Kong also advised of this warning, but they ignored it. The cause was weather and Pilot Error.

Images Edit


The aircraft at Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks before the crash.

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