Wright Air was the first airline to ever be made. It was founded in 1903 by the Wright Bros. and consisted of flights around the US, from Dayton and Kitty Hawk. This airline is obviously older than KLM and served passengers its needs. In 1954, the airline split into three branches: Marjet, Wright Airlines, and Jarvis Air. Jarvis Air was defunct in 1965, due to low funding.

Invention of AircraftEdit

The very first aircraft was tested on Wright Air and it was a success.

Wide ExpansionEdit

Over the years, Wright Air flew to destinations out of the US. In 1929, Wright Air had a fierce competition with Pan Am. Pan Am was buying out all of Wright Air's passengers and Pan Am even made more money. During the late 40s, Wright Air lost its passengers.

Wright Air SeparatesEdit

Wright Air split off into 3 unique airlines in 1954. One was defunct after over 10 years of service. See Wright Airlines to read more.

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