Xhelight Airlines logo

The current logo of Xhelight Airlines

Xhelight Airlines is an airline based in the nation of Xhelight. The airline has been started by XtraLightProboy but the airline has got into a generation where the airline, like the whole government of Xhelight, is ran by malevolent dictators. The ruler of Xhelight is dirt bag iScaddyWaddy and the current CEO of the airline is iPurpleBeatz(iScaddyWaddy's little brother). The airline runs out of Palladium Int'l Airport and that is where most of the airlines' operations takes place.

Xhelight Airlines usually operates routes in Vertillia, Halcyon, Xhelight, Canada, Robloxia, Blockland, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, the United States, Minecraft, and Veloxia.

Despite the fact about Xhelight Airlines being ruled by a malevolent dictator, the airline actually has some good reports and has made a major improvement. It is considered one of the top airlines that people now fly.


Airbus A320-200

Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-300

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737 MAX8

Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-9

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