Xrillium Airlines is an airline based in the nation of Xrillium. It operates out of Batsonary Int'l Airport, which is at the capital. Xrillium Airlines is owned by WindkillerBX, but was originally founded by LeroyTakahashi. The airline's IATA designation is XB and the ICAO designation is XRK. The airline operates destinations throughout the globe, including Robloxia and all of that sort.

Notable members who work, or used to work, as a high-rank in Xrillium Airlines include AgilityOk, AviationBaus, AviationBeast, AviationKillz, and NorthPoleX. Xrillium Airlines has been reviewed by major people like Airlinefreak69, mrsmith23, greenhomer, and AeronauticalBoy but none of these people have officially posted their reviews on any of it.

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